Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bible Reading: Job 10-12 (Wednesday)

Bostan's favorite verse(s)


"Does not the ear itself test out words

As the palate tastes food?

(12) Is there not wisdom among the aged

And understanding in length of days?"


"He is uncovering deep things from the darkness, and he brings forth to the light deep shadows;"

Lain's favorite verse(s)

10: 21+22

21 Before I go away—and I shall not come back—
To the land of darkness and deep shadow,
22 To the land of obscurity like gloom, of deep shadow
And disorder, where it beams no more than gloom does.”

11: 16+17

16 For you—you will forget trouble itself;
As waters that have passed along you will remember [it].
17 And brighter than midday will [your] life’s duration arise;
Darkness will become like the morning itself.

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