Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Job 13-15 (Wednesday)

Bostan's favorite verse(s):
14: 1
"Man, born of woman, is short-lived and glutted with agitation. (2) Like a blossom he has come forth and is cut off, And he runs away like the shadow and does not keep existing."
14: 4
"Who can produce someone clean out of someone unclean? There is not one."

Lain's favorite verse(s):


7 For there exists hope for even a tree.
If it gets cut down, it will even sprout again,
And its own twig will not cease to be.
8 If its root grows old in the earth
And in the dust its stump dies,
9 At the scent of water it will sprout
And it will certainly produce a bough like a new plant.

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