Monday, April 6, 2009

Bible Reading: Exodus 7-10 (Monday)

Bostan's favorite verse(s):


"Moses immediately stretched his hand out toward the heavens, and a gloomy, darkness began to occur in all the land of Egypt for three days.

(:23) They did not see one another, and none of them got up from his own place three days; but for all the sons of Israel there proved to be light in their dwellings."

(And still Phar'aoh's heart was obstinate, and then we all would see it clearly. Darkness on his half and light on theirs.)

Lain's favorite verse(s):

Exodus 8:13-14

13 Then Jehovah did according to Moses’ word, and the frogs began to die off from the houses, the courtyards and the fields. 14 And they went piling them up, heaps upon heaps, and the land began to stink

(which is worse dead toads that stink, or live toads that don't?)

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