Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bible reading: Isaiah 1-3 (Thursday)

BOstan's Favorite Verse:


"Unless Jehovah of armies himself had left remaining to us just a few survivors, we should have become just like Sodom, we should have resembled Gomorrah itself."

(He really expressed himself to the nation! in the 3 chapters)


"Of what benefit to me is the multitude of your sacrifices?" Says Jehovah. "I have had enough of whole burnt offerings of rams and the fat of well-fed animals; and in blood of young bulls and male lambs and he-goats i have taken no delight."

(I like how Jehovah is saying NO to the offerings of (Pity, Sarcasm, defaulted, sinful, like they say half hearted their is no heart in them.) The offerings were more of show and continence of duty except for love and fear.) (Obligation!)

Lain's Favorite Verse:


16 And Jehovah says: “For the reason that the daughters of Zion have become haughty and they walk with their throats stretched forth and ogling with their eyes, they go walking with tripping steps, and with their feet they make a tinkling sound, 17 Jehovah also will actually make the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion scabby, and Jehovah himself will lay their very forehead bare. 18 In that day Jehovah will take away the beauty of the bangles and the headbands and the moon-shaped ornaments, 19 the eardrops and the bracelets and the veils, 20 the headdresses and the step chains and the breastbands and the ‘houses of the soul’ and the ornamental humming shells, 21 the finger rings and the nose rings, 22 the robes of state and the overtunics and the cloaks and the purses, 23 and the hand mirrors and the undergarments and the turbans and the large veils.

24 “And it must occur that instead of balsam oil there will come to be merely a musty smell; and instead of a belt, a rope; and instead of an artistic hair arrangement, baldness; and instead of a rich garment, a girding of sackcloth; a brand mark instead of prettiness.

(I liked the analogy, it was very good how they compared the nations to a young haughty girl.)

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