Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bible Reading Job 4-6 (Wednesday)

BOstan's Favorite Verse(s)

(It was hard to pick my favorites)


"For the foolish one vexation will kill, And the one easily enticed envying will put to death."


"O that my vexation were altogether weighed, And that at the same time my adversity they would put on scales themselves! (3) For not it is heavier even than the sands of the seas. That is why my own words have been wild talk."

Lain's Favorite Verse(s)


 2 “If one does try out a word to you, will you become weary?
But to put a restraint on words who is able?


 9 [To the] One doing great things unsearchable,
Wonderful things without number;
10 [To] the One giving rain upon the surface of the earth
And sending waters upon the open fields;

(I thought 10 was very pretty.)

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