Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bible Reading: Job 1 -3 (Wednesday reading)

Bostan's Favorite verse:

1:20 and 21,

"And Job proceeded to get up and rip his sleeveless coat apart and cut the hair off his head and fall to the earth and bow down and say.. (Verse 21) "Naked I came out of my mothers belly and naked shall i return there. Jehovah himself has given, and Jehovah himself has taken away. Let the name of Jehovah continue to be blessed.

Lain's Favorite Verse:


20 Why does he give light to one having trouble,
And life to those bitter of soul?

21 Why are there those waiting for death, and it is not,
Although they keep digging for it more than for hidden treasures?

(I liked these versus, because it is true, some people that really want to live, die, and some people that really don't care have the longest lives. )

p.s.  verse  8 
"Let cursers of the day execrate it,
Those ready to awaken Le·vi′a·than."
 I liked it because it I though that it was interesting that Le·vi′a·than was a sea monster. So basically he was saying why not just wake the sea monster.

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